Selected publications

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(accepted) with Arsalan Kahnemuyipour. Non-canonical agreement in copular sentences. Journal of Linguistics. (To appear in JL 53.3, November 2017).

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2015 with Arsalan Kahnemuyipour, Jessica Mathie and Tomohiro Yokoyama. Matching in Small Clauses: Can we Agree on Concord? Proceedings of the 2015 meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association. ISSN 0027-9633.

2015 with Tyler Peterson, Ana T. Pérez-Leroux, Anny Castilla-Earls and Diane Massam. “Structural Complexity and the Acquisition of Recursive Locative PPs” in Proceedings of the 45th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, Volume Two, edited by Thuy Bui and Deniz Özyıldız, pp 223-231. GLSA. Amherst: Mass. 

2015 with Ana T. Pérez-Leroux, Anny Castilla-Earls, Diane Massam and Tyler Peterson. Strong continuity and children’s development of DP recursion. In  Recursion in Brazilian languages and beyond, edited by Tom Roeper, Andrew Nevins, Luiz Amaral, Marcus Maia.

2013 with Arsalan Kahnemuyipour. Agreement in copular clauses embedded in modal contexts. Proceedings of the 2013 meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association.

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